Carrie shot a guest role in this fun Fox pilot with a great new format.

Carrie shot a Mentos commercial that will air this spring.

Check it out here: Mentos


Anything for a Laugh
Three one-act comedic plays are having a limited run the last two weeks of October. Carrie is in "Eloping and Interloping".

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C'Mon Man
C'Mon Man is airing on Showtime and Starz.
Here's a sample of Carrie living it up as a bad influence.

C'Mon Man
Carrie plays a supporting role in C'Mon Man, now available on DVD.
Check out the trailer.

Kickin' It
The episode Carrie is in, "Breaking Board", airs this month on Disney XD.

Kickin' It
Carrie shot a guest role on the new Disney series.

Los Americans Launches
Los Americans, written and directed by Dennis Leoni, focuses on a
multi-generational, middle-income Latino family living in Los Angeles that deals
with many issues facing American families today, including: unemployment, cultural identity and alcoholism.
Watch it beginning May 26 at

Sneak Peak of Subject 6
Check out a fun/frightening sample of what's to come at:

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Los Americans in this month's Emmy magazine
Los Americans in this month's Emmy magazine.
A great article about the upcoming web series.

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A.N.T. Farm
Carrie had a guest role on the upcoming Disney series.


Subject 6
Carrie shot a supporting role in writer/director Seda's film, a psychological
thriller in the vein of "The Matrix" and the cult classic "Cube."

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Look (closely) for Carrie in a Bing commercial airing this month.

Link to Bing Commercial

Los Americans
Carrie shot a recurring role in the riveting web series about so many contemporary issues it's almost impossible to describe but it's one amazing story.
The Last Laugh
Carrie filmed a supporting role in the film which chronicles the ups and downs of a stand-up comedian with an intense journey.

Old Navy
Look for Carrie in two Old Navy commercials airing this fall.
Link to Old Navy Commercial #1
Link to Old Navy Commercial #2

"Jacob the Artist"
The short film starring Brian Jones is based on the novel, "The Gift," by Brandon Howard. Carrie has a lead role in the action-packed script.

"My Boys" Airing
The episode Carrie is in, "Gourmets and Confused," aired Sunday, July 25, on TBS.
Carrie re-teamed with the fantastic writer/director of Waxing Platonic, Sanjeev Sirpal, to work on the short film "iHeart."
"My Boys"
Carrie had a great time working on an episode of the TBS comedy
that will air later this year.
"Waxing Platonic" Begins
What if the "girl next door" actually lived next door? Waxing Platonic, a comedic web series, explores that age-old question in very amusing and sometimes awkward (in a good way!) fashion. Carrie plays a lead role in the series.

"Kamen Rider Online Interview "
Carrie had a chance to chat online with Kamen Rider fans at and also do an interview with  Both were really fun opportunities to talk about the fantastic cast and crew of Kamen Rider. 
Link to Kamen Connection Interview
Link to Nerd Society Interview

"Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight"
The episodes Carrie's in, as the TCB'ing Kase/Kamen Rider Siren, begin airing today on The CW. The action-packed series is in midseason, find out more at
"Two and a Half Men" DVD Released
The Season 5 DVD of the hit CBS show, in which Carrie had a recurring role, was released. And look who made the back cover!

"Rules of Engagement"
The episode Carrie is in, entitled "The Challenge," aired Monday night, May 4 on CBS. Season 3: Ep. 9

“Acts of Love & Sex” Launches
From : Set in one of LA’s most colorful neighborhoods, “Acts of Love & Sex” is an online series that tracks a group of friends so close to finding what they’re looking for that they can smell how sexy it is. This isn’t boy meets girl with a tidy happily-ever-after ending. This is love in the 21st Century.

Check out the series at, register, and join the conversation.

“Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight: at the LA Comic Convention
The cast and crew got to talk about the show and meet some fans!

“Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight” Officially Begins
The CW. “Kamen Rider” is a famous Japanese sci-fi franchise that first aired in 1971 and through the years has produced numerous different series and theatrical releases. “Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight” is the American adaptation of “Kamen Rider: Ryuki”, which aired in Japan in 2002. Carrie’s character, Kase aka Kamen Rider Siren, arrives mid-season.

“Rules of Engagement”
Carrie taped an episode of the CBS show with David Spade
called “The Challenge”.
It’s scheduled to air on CBS in Spring 2009.

“Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight” Sneak Preview
See what the action series has in store for 2009 on The CW!
More info at